Navigating 2024: Unveiling Comprehensive Transportation Solutions for Unforgettable Journeys with Epic Trek Nepal P. Ltd.

Navigating 2024 Unveiling Comprehensive

Welcome to the ultimate adventure as we invite you to embark on an unforgettable journey through the diverse landscapes of Nepal with Epic Trek Nepal P. Ltd, Comprehensive Transportation Solutions. From grounded beauty to the breathtaking Himalayan heights, our range of vehicles promises not just convenience but an adventure that will etch lasting memories.

Unveiling Nepal’s Land Transportation Excellence

Navigating Nepal’s Beauty: Land Journeys with Epic Trek Nepal P. Ltd. Nepal’s enchanting landscapes wait as our well-maintained cars, jeeps, vans, and buses become your companions on this hassle-free exploration. Let our experienced drivers guide you through diverse terrains, allowing you to immerse yourself in the beauty and create unforgettable memories.

Beyond Roads-Elevate Your Journey with Epic Air Expedition: Take your travel experience to new heights with our thrilling aero plane and helicopter services. Perfect for adventure seekers, these exclusive tours include the Annapurna Base Camp Trek with Helicopter, Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour, Mustang Helicopter Tour and more. Soar above the clouds and witness Nepal’s beauty from a unique perspective.

Luxury Redefined: Travel in Comfort with Epic’s Tourist Buses: Indulge in unparalleled comfort with our luxury tourist buses strategically located in major towns. Navigating Nepal has never been easier, thanks to helpful locals who guide you to centrally located stops. Enjoy the camaraderie as these luxury buses depart when the journey is shared.

The Comprehensive Vehicle Range

Epic’s Fleet: You’re Gateway to Nepal’s Heart: Our extensive range includes cars, jeeps, vans, buses, aero planes, and helicopters. Whether you seek a leisurely drive, an aerial adventure, or a communal bus journey, Epic Trek Nepal P. Ltd. has the perfect vehicle for every traveler, ensuring your exploration is personalized and memorable.

Sky-High Adventures: Heli -Tours with Epic Trek Nepal P. Ltd.
Elevate your experience with our Helicopter Tour Services. From the Annapurna Base Camp Trek with Helicopter to the Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour, witness Nepal’s grandeur from the sky, creating memories that defy gravity.

Nepal Vehicle Occupancy Capacity below:

  1. Car:
    • Minimum: 1 Pax
    • Maximum: 3-4 Pax
  2. Jeep / Van:
    • Minimum: 3 Pax
    • Maximum: 7-11 Pax
  3. Toyota Hiace:
    • Minimum: 5 Pax
    • Maximum: 13 Pax
  4. Coaster:
    • Minimum: 10 Pax
    • Maximum: 20 Pax
  5. Mini Bus:
    • Minimum: 15 Pax
    • Maximum: 25 Pax
  6. Sutlej Bus:
    • Minimum: 20 Pax
    • Maximum: 35 Pax

For larger groups or custom travel arrangements, we also provide air travel options:

  • Aero plane: Custom capacity depending on the aircraft selected. And for a truly unique experience.
  • Helicopter: Custom capacity, tailored to your specific needs.
Planning Your Epic Journey

Plan Your Adventure in Advance: Ensure a seamless and stress-free journey by securing your preferred mode of transportation in advance. Whether it’s a leisurely drive, a thrilling helicopter tour, or a luxurious bus experience, Epic Trek Nepal P. Ltd. caters to your travel needs promptly, providing peace of mind for your exploration.

Explore Options: Your Travel Itinerary Awaits at Dive into the details of our transportation services, including itineraries, inclusions, exclusions, and prices. Our user-friendly website,, provides a comprehensive overview. Have queries? Reach out to our customer support team at email “” for personalized assistance.


Embark on an unforgettable journey through Nepal with Epic Trek Nepal P. Ltd., where every mode of transport becomes a gateway to unparalleled adventure and exploration. From grounded landscapes to the soaring heights of the Himalayas, let us be your guide in creating memories that last a lifetime. Your epic journey begins here.

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