Ramesh Wosti

Mr. Ramesh Wosti, a seasoned mountaineer and trekking guide, carries a profound legacy of over two decades of leadership and expertise in adventure tourism. His scope of experience spans Nepal, Tibet, Bhutan, and India, where he has successfully led numerous exhilarating expeditions and treks.

An esteemed scholar, Mr. Wosti holds a degree in Tourism Management, equipping him with an in-depth understanding of the industry’s intricate facets. His rigorous academic background and extensive practical experience empower him to deliver top-notch, safe, and immersive trekking experiences to our clientele.

As an ardent advocate for sustainable tourism, Mr. Wosti continually endeavours to promote responsible travel practices that respect and preserve the awe-inspiring Himalayan ecosystem. He is the bedrock upon which our company’s sustainability ethos is built.

Under Mr. Wosti’s astute leadership, Epic Trek Nepal P. Ltd, has flourished into one of Nepal’s leading adventure travel companies. We offer an expansive portfolio of tailor-made trekking and expedition packages meticulously curated to cater to various clients’ unique preferences and budgetary considerations.

Mr. Wosti’s unquenchable passion for the mountains and his unwavering commitment to ensuring unforgettable experiences for each client resonate throughout our operations. His vision, dedication, and expertise are the cornerstones that uphold the sterling reputation of Epic Trek Nepal P. Ltd, His contributions as a leader and a mentor are truly indispensable to our team.