One Day Biking Tour in Kathmandu

Experience the thrill of a one day biking tour in Kathmandu and immerse yourself in the beauty of its diverse landscapes and cultural heritage. Kathmandu offers an array of biking trails suitable for all skill levels, from local biking experiences in Kathmandu to scenic cycling routes in the Kathmandu Valley. Whether you’re interested in a cultural biking exploration, a countryside bike ride, or an exciting mountain biking adventure, Kathmandu has something for everyone.

Begin your biking journey in Kathmandu with a local biking experience, exploring the vibrant streets and serene countryside. Discover scenic cycling routes that showcase the breathtaking landscape views of the majestic Himalayas, lush evergreen forests, and sprawling National Parks. As you ascend to elevations of up to 2,200 meters, you’ll be treated to panoramic vistas of the surrounding landscape, making your biking trip a truly unforgettable experience.

Delve into Kathmandu’s rich cultural heritage as you pedal past traditional farms, ancient temples, and bustling markets. Explore hidden trails and off-road tracks that wind through rice fields and local communities, offering an authentic glimpse into rural Nepali life. Our experienced guides will accompany you, providing insights into the region’s history, culture, and natural beauty along the way.

With customizable itineraries tailored to your preferences, you can choose the type of biking adventure that suits you best. Whether you prefer a leisurely Kathmandu countryside bike ride or an exhilarating mountain biking trip in Nepal, our biking tours guarantee an exciting and memorable journey through Nepal’s capital.

Join us for a day of thrilling biking excursions and discover the unparalleled beauty of Kathmandu Valley from a unique perspective. Whether you’re a passionate cycling enthusiast or simply looking to explore the countryside, our biking tours promise an unforgettable adventure in Kathmandu.

Biking Trip Highlights:

Here are the key highlights of your One Day Biking Tour in Kathmandu:

Thrilling Mountain Biking: Engage in an adrenaline-pumping mountain biking adventure, tackling diverse terrain and conquering challenging trails that test your skills and endurance.

Scenic Landscapes: Immerse yourself in breathtaking landscapes as you traverse through Kathmandu Valley, from verdant forests to rugged mountains, witnessing stunning natural beauty along picturesque routes.

Cultural Exploration: Dive deep into the cultural richness of Kathmandu as you explore local villages, interact with friendly communities, and delve into the region’s rich cultural heritage, gaining insights into Nepal’s diverse traditions.

Panoramic Views: Marvel at awe-inspiring panoramic views of majestic mountains, lush valleys, and cascading waterfalls that adorn the Kathmandu Valley, offering picturesque backdrops to your biking adventure.

Expert Guidance: Enjoy the journey under the expert guidance of experienced biking guides who will lead you safely through the trails, share fascinating stories about the region, and ensure an enriching and unforgettable biking experience.

Customized Routes: Tailor your biking adventure to your preferences and skill level, choosing from a variety of routes that cater to different interests, whether you’re seeking thrilling descents, challenging ascents, or scenic leisure rides.

Memorable Experiences: Create lasting memories as you pedal through remote landscapes, encounter local wildlife, and immerse yourself in the tranquility of nature, making each moment of your biking trip a memorable experience.

Adventurous Spirit: Embrace the spirit of adventure as you conquer rugged paths, navigate steep ascents and descents, and challenge yourself to push beyond your limits, igniting your adventurous spirit and passion for biking.

Experience an exhilarating one day biking tour in Kathmandu and unlock a world of thrilling experiences, natural wonders, cultural treasures, and unforgettable moments in the heart of Nepal.

Explore Kathmandu’s Best One Day Biking Tour Routes:

We offer a variety of biking routes tailored to your preferences and schedule. Whether you’re a beginner looking for a leisurely ride or an experienced rider seeking a challenging adventure, we have the perfect biking route for you. During the booking process, our team can assist you in selecting the best route based on your interests and availability.

Each biking route typically includes 4-5 hours of riding time, allowing you to explore the beautiful landscapes and cultural gems of Kathmandu at a comfortable pace. From scenic countryside trails to thrilling off-road paths, our biking routes offer a diverse range of experiences that cater to every type of cyclist.

Biking Routes in Kathmandu: Explore the thrilling biking adventures through Kathmandu’s picturesque landscapes with our carefully curated biking routes. From beginner-friendly trails to more technical rides, there’s something for every cycling enthusiast on your one day biking tour in Kathmandu.

Mudkhu-Tokha Trail: 

This trail is perfect for beginners, offering a leisurely ride easily accessible from Thamel. Spend half a day exploring this route, which takes around 3 to 4 hours to complete, before returning to your hotel and completing your Kathmandu day trip by bike.

Budhanilkantha-Kapan Trail: Experience a technical ride through Kathmandu’s outskirts with this exhilarating route. Starting from Kathmandu, journey to Budhanilkantha and Kapan, passing by two Buddhist monasteries along the way. Spend approximately 5 to 6 hours on this adventure before heading back to your hotel.

Jamacho Route: For a more challenging ride, venture to Jamacho, located within reach of Thamel. This moderate route spans 21 kilometers and winds its way to the summit of Nagarjun Hill (2,128 meters) in Shivapuri National Park. Enjoy breathtaking views from the top viewpoint before completing the 5 to 6-hour journey back. Immerse yourself in local biking experience in Kathmandu while relishing the scenic cycling routes in Kathmandu Valley.

Clothing Tips for One Day Biking Tour:

For your One Day Biking Tour in Kathmandu requires careful consideration of your clothing to ensure both comfort and safety throughout the journey. Depending on the season you plan to visit, here are some valuable clothing tips to enhance your biking experience:

Summer Season: During the warmer months, it’s advisable to wear breathable cotton clothing to keep yourself cool and comfortable. Opt for lightweight fabrics that allow proper ventilation to prevent overheating. Avoid wearing overly tight or constricting clothes that may restrict your movement while cycling.

Winter Season: For biking in Kathmandu during the colder months, layering your clothing is essential. Start with a moisture-wicking base layer to keep sweat away from your skin. Add a warm insulating layer such as a down jacket or fleece sweater to retain body heat. Finally, top it off with a windproof and waterproof outer shell to protect against chilly winds and potential rain showers. Remember to balance warmth with flexibility to ensure ease of movement while riding.

General Tips for one day biking tour in Kathmandu:

Comfortable Clothing: Regardless of the season, prioritize comfort in your clothing choices. Opt for clothing that allows for easy movement and flexibility, especially in the areas of shoulders, arms, and legs.

Proper Footwear: Wear sturdy and comfortable closed-toe shoes or sneakers with good grip for pedaling. Avoid open-toed shoes or sandals that may expose your feet to potential injuries.

Sun Protection: Don’t forget to wear sunglasses, a hat, or a cap to shield your eyes and face from the sun’s glare. Apply sunscreen to exposed skin to prevent sunburns, especially during summer rides.

Rain Gear (if needed): If there’s a chance of rain, carry a lightweight and packable rain jacket or poncho to stay dry and comfortable during sudden showers.

Safety Gear: Consider wearing a helmet to protect your head in case of falls or accidents. Additionally, gloves can provide grip and protection for your hands during long rides.

By following these clothing tips, you’ll be well-prepared for your One Day Biking Tour in Kathmandu, allowing you to fully enjoy the scenic beauty, cultural richness, and exciting biking routes that this captivating destination has to offer. Join us at Epic Treks Nepal for an unforgettable biking adventure tailored to your preferences and comfort.

Trip Cost: The cost for the One Day Biking Tour in Kathmandu is 95 USD per person.

Note: If you prefer to explore Kathmandu Valley independently on our premium mountain bikes, you can rent one for just $35 per day.


Morning 8:00 AM: After a hearty breakfast at your hotel in Kathmandu, you'll embark on a biking adventure to Mudkhu and Tokha.

Biking Route: Your journey begins with a ride from Kathmandu to Mudkhu. This trail is perfect for beginners, offering a leisurely ride with easy access from Thamel, a popular tourist area in Kathmandu.

Scenic Ride: As you pedal along, you'll enjoy scenic views of the surrounding landscapes, passing through charming villages and lush greenery.

Duration: The biking route from Kathmandu to Mudkhu typically takes around 2 hours, depending on your pace and stops along the way.

Lunch Break: Upon reaching Mudkhu, you'll take a break for a delicious lunch at a local eatery or have a picnic lunch arranged at a scenic spot.

Afternoon: After refueling with lunch, continue your biking journey towards Tokha. This part of the route offers a mix of easy climbs and thrilling downhill rides, allowing you to experience different terrains and test your biking skills on sections of single track.

Exploration: Upon reaching Tokha, take some time to explore the ancient temple and immerse yourself in the cultural heritage of the area.

Return to Kathmandu: After a rewarding day of biking and exploration, head back to Kathmandu. The return trip from Tokha to Kathmandu usually takes around 2 to 3 hours, depending on the pace and route chosen.

Evening: Arrive back in Kathmandu in the late afternoon or early evening, where you can relax and reflect on your adventurous day.


  • Mountain Bike: You will be provided with a high-quality mountain bike for the duration of the biking tour.
  • English-Speaking Cycling Guide: An experienced and knowledgeable cycling guide will accompany you throughout the journey, providing guidance, assistance, and valuable insights into the local culture and surroundings.
  • Lunch: Enjoy a delicious lunch during your biking adventure. The lunch will be provided at a local eatery or arranged as a picnic, offering a chance to refuel and relax amidst nature.
  • All Government Tax and Company Tax: The cost covers all applicable government taxes and company taxes, ensuring a hassle-free experience without any hidden fees.


  • Entrance Fee of Sightseeing Spot: Any entrance fees to specific sightseeing spots or attractions along the biking route are not included in the cost and will be at your own expense.
  • Bar Bill: Beverages such as tea, coffee, cola, beer, or any other drinks are not included in the package cost and will be billed separately.
  • Mountain Bike Damages: Any damages incurred to the mountain bike during the tour that require repair or replacement will be your responsibility to cover.
  • Tipping for Guide: While tipping is not mandatory, it is customary to tip your cycling guide as a token of appreciation for their service and expertise.

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One Day Biking Tour in Kathmandu

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